Fathom SEO Pulse #46: Bing’s Mobile Testing Tool, Do New Domain Extensions Work & More

Welcome to Fathom’s weekly SEO pulse, where our goal is to help you stay on top of any new strategies and changes in this integral part of your overall marketing strategy. Here’s the latest SEO news:

“The Quiet SEO Influencer: How to Use Visual Content to Build Brand Signals”

Brand signals are becoming one of the most important factors in building trust and visibility online. Your online brand mentions, social activity, and branded user queries can do much more for your business than you might think. http://bit.ly/1QpJgNl

“Google Cleans Up Search URLs in Browser”

Google has cleaned up the URLs for searches conducted within the browser. Instead of showing a long, detailed URL string in the results, it now automatically shortens it. http://bit.ly/1PAcRo6


“Case Study: Will New Domain Extensions Provide an SEO Boost?”

Could .CARS, .COLLEGE and other .BRAND domain extensions become the new norm? Should you look into getting a branded extension? http://bit.ly/1iOpEVs

“How Many Outbound Links Per Word or Page?”

How many external links should you have on your pages? This study gives a great breakdown of how many times you should include them per page and per word. http://bit.ly/212QKuq

“Blogging for Local SEO – 3 Companies Doing It Right”

Blogging is extremely important to SEO. It helps improve your rankings, brand presence and customer loyalty, just to name a few. http://bit.ly/1j6Y5Hd

“New Bing Mobile Friendliness Test Tool”

Bing has a new mobile testing tool, closely following its rollout of the “mobile friendly” labels. This could possibly be pointing to a Bing mobile algorithm coming soon. http://bit.ly/1MmFXUi


“First Page Google Results – How Do You Rank? [Infographic]”

This infographic provides great insight around what sites ranking on page one are doing. Maybe your site is missing something important! http://bit.ly/1MBtI7E

“Case Study: Will New Domain Extensions Provide an SEO Boost?”

Could .CARS, .COLLEGE and other .BRAND domain extensions become the new norm? Should you look into getting a branded extension? http://bit.ly/1iOpEVs


“How to Prioritize SEO Tasks & Invest in High-Value Work Items – Whiteboard Friday”

When it comes to SEO, the “to-do” list can seem endless. How do you prioritize your tasks? What are the most important for your site? What has the most value? Last week’s Whiteboard Friday may help you figure out where to start. http://bit.ly/1GZVjiC

Key Takeaways:

Here are our key takeaways that we’ll be sure to focus on moving forward:

  • Utilizing visual content can help to build your brand signals and increase your online reputation and presence. Consider a visual strategy in your 2016 planning.
  • Bing has come out with its own mobile friendliness testing tool, much like Google’s. Make sure you are testing your site(s) on Bing as well as Google as this may be a sign of a Bing mobile algorithm in the near future.
  • .COMs are certainly not dead, but the era of the .BRAND or other domain extensions could be coming soon. Keep your eye out for more case studies and official information. Most importantly, if you are considering changing your domain extension, make sure you’re doing everything right and won’t confuse the search engines.
  • Blogging is an extremely important part of any SEO strategy, whether you’re a local or national business. It helps to generate traffic, backlinks, brand recognition and much more. If you aren’t already blogging, you definitely should be! There are almost no industries where blogging isn’t applicable.

That concludes your weekly pulse. Check back each week to stay on top of any new strategies and changes to make sure you’re constantly using the best on-site and off-site SEO methods. Thanks for connecting with us!

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Jenna is a proud Kent State University graduate with a degree in Public Relations. She is a Senior Marketing Specialist on Fathom’s Consumer Brands team and specializes in SEO, semantic search and internal linking with a solid background in social media, public relations and offsite SEO. She is devoted to pursuing SEO industry trends, identifying new strategies and implementing them to improve her clients' online presence. Outside the office, Jenna enjoys watching and adding movies to her extensive collection and exploring the Cleveland and Northeast Ohio area.

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