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Fathom’s Consumer Brands Team Gives Back

As one of the newest additions to the Consumer Brands team at Fathom, it has been a delight to experience the overwhelming sense of community here. One of many benefits provided by the Fathom Gives Program is having the ability to embrace a grander purpose beyond our work. Individually or as a team, we have the opportunity to transform lives—and that’s awesome.

In this case, the Fathom Consumer Brands team spent some quality time with the dogs at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter. Currently, there are about 30 dogs looking for a new home, however space can get tight during the Summer months where the number can grow beyond 100.

The Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter

The shelter serves as a caring, temporary home for dogs that are found roaming in the streets. The rescued dogs are held at the shelter for 72 hours to give their owners the opportunity to claim them. Unfortunately, many of the owners don’t come forward. The good part is that after the holding period, most of the dogs will be available to go home with a new, loving adoptive family.

With many dogs to attend to, brings a long list of to-do’s for the shelter. There are a variety of ways to help and be involved, like walking dogs, grooming, providing donations and fundraising.

Fun Ways Our Team Volunteered

  • Making dog treats
  • Creating ornaments for their holiday ‘giving tree’
  • Washing and drying the dogs
  • Donated a doggie basket filled with items requested by the shelter

And we didn’t stop there. Some members of our team decided to continue giving their time to the shelter by volunteering to walk and take care of the dogs. Check out the shelter’s ‘Help The Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter‘ page for additional information and ways you can volunteer.

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