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Whether you use it personally or professionally, you’ve probably noticed that Facebook is constantly making updates to their platform. On Wednesday, Facebook released an announcement on an exciting update coming soon to all Facebook profiles. Currently, they are rolling out the update with new features to profiles in the UK and California only, but it’s good to start thinking about how you can get ahead of the game when they release this for business pages. The update includes five new features, but the three big game changers in this update are:

  1. Profile videos. Facebook will allow you to upload a 7-second looping video in place of your profile pic. With video being king, especially on Facebook, this doesn’t come as a huge surprise but it will significantly change the way people view and interact with your profile or page. Start thinking about if a profile video might make sense for you. For manufacturer marketing, and all other marketing industries – really, it’s going to be a great opportunity to tell visitors more about your company in a new, exciting, and engaging way.
  2. Temporary profile pictures. With this update, Facebook will allow you to set a profile picture for a specified period of time and will auto revert back to your old picture once time has expired. This will be extremely beneficial to those who might want to switch up pictures seasonally or for a specific cause or partnership that they only want to showcase for a period of time. This also creates a small efficiency of not having to remember to set the profile picture back after a campaign is over. This is especially important for manufacturer marketing as they are sometimes criticized for being behind the digital curve. This will be a great tool to keep content fresh with minimal upkeep.
  3. Mobile profile design improvements. This update is extremely important. With over 65% of social media users accessing networks from their mobile devices, mobile is becoming more important than ever. Facebook’s design improvements will move the profile picture/video to the front and center of the device screen and make it bigger. This means your profile picture (or video) is more important than ever, and must be a good representation of your brand since it’s getting a real estate upgrade.

Are you excited by Facebook’s announcement of this update?  Share your thoughts in the comments below on the approach and strategy you’ll take towards these new features.

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