Facebook’s New Advertising Objective Brings Business to Brick and Mortar Stores

Having a difficult time getting Facebook viewers into your brick and mortar store?  There’s a solution for you now.  Store Visits is the new Facebook objective that will have advertisers like you clicking “like”.  The Store Visits objective is now separate from Facebook’s Local Awareness objective to target those in-store visits a little more closely than they were before.  This will be invaluable for clients who are looking for more foot traffic in their stores.

I think that the Store Visits objective is going to benefit these businesses the most, so clients who don’t have an ecommerce website can let out a sigh of relief.  Businesses that value customers from both in-store and ecommerce can pair this objective with other conversion-driving objectives to obtain this goal.  I love how Facebook finds ways to not only benefit online retailers, but it also can now support your local businesses.

This objective serves ads to those viewers that Facebook believes are most likely to visit your store.  There is no limit to the amount of store locations you can serve ads to and you can create customized ad copy for those unique locations.  It allows you to add a geo-targeting radius around your store locations to attract potential customers near your store.

There are unique calls to action like Get Directions or Call Now, that also increase engagement with your store.  Another helpful feature included is the store locator, which shows the viewer the nearest location directly from the ad.  This makes the user experience painless, which equals happy customers that will hopefully come back in the future.


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