The Epic Journey of an Industrial Marketing Hero

How can you transform your company from an entity that simply manufactures a product into a company that people look up to in the very same way that generations have been drawn to Superman, Spiderman, or Luke Skywalker?

The answer: By choosing a purpose far bigger than yourself and forging forward no matter the obstacle.

The thing is we don’t look to Superman as our hero because he beats up bad people or Spiderman because he stops a bank robber or even Luke Skywalker simply because he blew up the Death Star. No. We all love these heroes because they are a part of something bigger than themselves, and all of us crave to be part of something more than just the day-to-day.

So whatever your role is at your office, the next time you complete a task, ask yourself: “How is this goal connected to my hero’s journey?” Remember, Spiderman doesn’t string bad guys up in his web just for the sake of crossing it off his to-do list—Spiderman fights bad guys because his very purpose in life is to stand in the face of injustice.

So what is your company’s GREATER purpose?

Joseph Campbell, the renowned and leading scholar in the study of cultural heroes explains the five stages in the process of finding your purpose:

1. The Call to Adventure – Luke Skywalker is called to train as a Jedi and fight evil. What is calling you to action? This is something you feel, not something you are given.

2. Refusal of the Call – Just as Luke, Spiderman and the others – the task is daunting and you will question your ability to succeed. But remember, all good missions will challenge you.

3. Supernatural Aid – No hero does it alone. Ask yourself, who is your Yoda, what are your tools for success? Maybe it is a trusted partner (sidekick), or perhaps a following of friends or colleagues who believe in you.

4. Crossing of the First Threshold – This is more significant than simply taking the first step. It’s the equivalent of climbing to the top ladder of the highest diving board with a line of kids behind you.  You’re committed, fear and all.

5. The Belly of the Whale – this is the last stage but hardly the end of the journey. In fact, it’s the very beginning. You have metaphorically jumped off the diving board and now have no place to go but forward. You are in the belly of the whale and failure is not an option.

So how in the world does this all relate to industrial marketing?

Simple. Pursue every day with your greater purpose in mind, and launch every product or service campaign with this greater purpose in mind. Not only will this give you and your industrial marketing team a feeling of a great mission, you will begin to notice your audience growing exponentially (a great result for all companies). Because like Superman, Spiderman, and Luke Skywalker, we are all attracted to those who stand for something bigger.

Stand for something bigger and watch a crowd rally around your cause. This is the formula, and this is the takeaway. Now, JUMP!

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