Double Your Impact & Reach The Community With Your Hospital Blog [Webinar]

When writing for an audience concerned about their health, a personable, humanistic approach is almost always a good method to take.

Dealing with an aspect of life close to a person’s heart is no small feat, but there are plenty of ways to create content that can appeal to a person’s need for information from hospital bloggers who understand, not marketers simply trying to convert.

Wyoming Medical Center took this personal approach to their blog and completely changed the way they told the hospital’s story. In one year, Wyoming Medical Center’s blog – The Pulse – has doubled its outreach not only in direct hits on the blog, but has also helped to grow Wyoming Medical Center’s other social media platforms.

Kristy Bleizeffer, writer/PR rep & Mandy Cepeda, senior manager of community development at Wyoming Medical Center decided to feature a mix of health tips and advice from doctors, nurses and health providers while telling personal stories of patients and staff. This has allowed the hospital to speak directly with its community free of the filters of traditional media.

In this webinar on October 22nd, Kristy, Mandy & Fathom will cover the creation, execution, growth & philosophy of The Pulse and how focusing on local, people-oriented stories have attracted readers and changed the way we tell the hospital’s story.

We will look at the different kinds of content we feature, what works best and what falls flat. We will also explore the different methods of getting this content to the public and how it can be recycled for other marketing purposes.

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