Create Your Industrial Marketing Plan with The MFG Standard

Create Your Industrial Marketing Plan with The MFG Standard

Manufacturing is complex. Everything from the nuts and bolts that go into the machinery to the industry as a whole can seem endlessly complicated to the untrained eye. Luckily, OEM marketing doesn’t have to be. The MFG Standard is here to break the mold on the complicated and unique nature of manufacturing marketing. Rarely have manufacturers had the attention of a resource aimed directly at helping them ramp up their marketing efforts. Manufacturers have been clumped in with larger B2B research and lukewarm, generalized marketing advice for too long.

Highlighting vital manufacturing marketing trends and delivering actionable tips, The MFG Standard: “Assembling Your Digital Marketing Plan” is hot off the press and aimed directly at the needs of all industrial marketers. As the first issue, we chose to start where every other manufacturing marketer should start: building a robust and measurable industrial marketing plan.

According to Content Marketing Institute’s 2015 B2B Manufacturing Content Marketing Report, only 20% of manufacturers have a documented content marketing strategy. A key indicator of success, a documented strategy is the foundational element of marketing that no manufacturer can afford to miss—afford being the operative word here. If you don’t know where your time is going and how your efforts are performing, you might as well be throwing your marketing dollars away.

Though The MFG Standard covers a variety of digital touch points, ultimately it puts the priority on holistic integration of manufacturing and OEM marketing tactics that will accomplish everything from increasing manufacturing sales to enlivening brand awareness.

The MFG Standard, Issue 1: “Assembling Your Digital Marketing Plan” provides benchmark data and relevant opportunities around essential industrial marketing trends such as:

  1. How you can rise above the 74% of manufacturers that feel their content marketing is ineffective
  2. The benefits and capabilities of marketing automation used in industrial marketing strategies
  3. How John Deere uses a simple content marketing model–which your company can imitate–to reach an audience of 1.5 million readers
  4. The necessity of sales and marketing alignment for measuring the ultimate marketing success metric: sales.

In the rapidly advancing space of industrial marketing, salespeople still play a vital role–but it is now a role that is heavily assisted by content. And the top place your customers are looking for content related to your products and industry is in the digital space. Accordingly, your industrial marketing strategy will always fall flat without strategic insight, well-informed content, a thorough, documented promotion plan, and in-depth measurements.

Check out The MFG Standard: “Assembling Your Digital Marketing Plan” and learn to bring these elements into your manufacturing marketing strategy.

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