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As a manufacturer, you may initially struggle with the concept of content strategy. You may wonder if it’s possible to produce interesting and engaging content around your product. The good news is that you most likely already have a wealth of content that your customers, existing and potential, will find very interesting. You’ve also got content that could be made interesting for just about everyone else, too.

Trust, Support, Educate

Fathom’s Caroline Bogart recently outlined how your content should be unique but shouldn’t over-promote your products or services. It should support your products, establish trust in your brand, and educate your customer base.

Product guides, FAQs and regularly updated technical information are rich in SEO keywords, and they show customers that your products are proactively supported. Such documents show that your company is dedicated to making sure that the relationship with the customer doesn’t end once you’ve got their money.

Can you now take this content and expand upon it? Can you write a blog entry about that item, how it was developed, how it functions? Can you produce a video showing how to install the product? Find ways to turn your technical content into educational content for both your existing and potential customers, and your sales team will thank you.


If you manufacture parts for other products, you may be able to reach out to the communities that surround those items. For example, you may manufacture spare parts for a certain model of automobile. Your direct customers may be mechanics or auto shops, but their customers are the drivers, collectors and restorers of those cars. There are active and fanatical communities who would be fascinated by the technical content you can produce, especially if you reposition it in interesting and accessible ways.  Identify these communities, then reach out. Build relationships with the influencers and develop links and connections to the websites that are the best fit with your product, brand and content that they’ll find irresistible.

You can take the concept of community more literally. Your local community is probably aware of your presence, and grateful for hiring locally, but they may not know exactly what you produce. Your local Chamber of Commerce and nearby community organizations might be very interested to link to your site and your content. That’s more than just a point of community pride, it’s an opportunity to create and share engaging content that builds trust, goodwill and your brand.


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