Consumer Brand SEO Pulse: 7.2.15

Welcome to the weekly Consumer Brand pulse, where we keep you updated on what’s going on in the world of SEO! Our goal is to stay on top of any new strategies and changes to make sure we are constantly using the best on-site and off-site SEO methods. This week, we cover apps vs. websites, micro-moments, Twitter and much more!

“The Final Hurdle Is Cleared – Apps Will Replace Websites”

Search engines still can’t crawl content within an app, but Google’s acquisition of an app-streaming platform shows the industry is headed in that direction.

“If You Want to Pitch Me an Article, PLEASE Do Not Do These Things…”

Trying to build relationships and get your content on blogs and other sites? Take these tips to heart!

how to pitch

“Micro-Moments and Search”

Google recently introduced the new concept of micro-moments, “high-intent short bursts of activity when consumers turn to their mobile devices to quickly access information (i.e., watch a “how-to” video) or take action.” With the popularity of mobile search ever-rising, it is important that marketers optimize their sites to reach their audience during these micro-moments.

“The Evolution Of SEO Trends Over 25 Years”

This interesting article walks you through the history of SEO and shows you just how much the industry has changed in its short life-span.

“Google Testing Blue Links For Top Search Menu”

Google is testing blue fonts replacing red in their main search menu. This won’t affect search, but is just another example of Google caring about even the smallest details.

blue labels

“Bing Moving to Encrypt Search Traffic by Default”

Bing has officially announced they are moving to encrypted search. Bing “will continue to pass along a referrer string so that marketers and webmasters will be able to identify traffic as coming from Bing. However, to further protect [their] users’ privacy, [Bing] will not include the used query terms.”

“The Biggest Social Media Science Study: What 4.8 Million Tweets Say About the Best Time to Tweet”

Buffer Social performed a study of over 4.8 million tweets across 10,000 profiles to see exactly when the best time to post is.

when to tweet

So, what should you take away from this week? Expect less query data from Bing, pay attention to when you’re tweeting, and it might be a good time to look into developing the app you’ve been thinking about. That concludes your weekly pulse. Thanks for connecting with us!

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