Consumer Brand Manufacturer Spotlight: Jimmy Choo

3979157004_f6ec03dab6_zJimmy Choo Limited, a company known for designer stilettos and luxury accessories, is going public and expanding e-commerce investment. In addition to completely retooling its e-commerce platform, the company will also invest in a resource planning system from SAP, a product life cycle management system, and a new warehouse. These investments are intended to help the company realize an “omnichannel client offering in the medium term.”

Helping to fund these new ventures will be a listing on the London Stock Exchange the company announced in September. In its public filing about the IPO, the luxury shoe manufacturer stated plans to invest heavily in the Web, in conjunction with its recent annual online sales growth.

Knowing how big and varied a role the Web plays in consumer purchases, the decision to put big dollars behind e-commerce and other aspects of the customer experience makes perfect sense. And while the company did not necessarily highlight mobile in its announcement, you can bet it will factor in to the e-commerce platform overhaul. It’s safe to assume JAB Holdings, parent company of Jimmy Choo, is aware of the growing prevalence of mobile in the consumer’s buying process—more than half (53%) of US consumers say they will use a mobile device to research or purchase products in the 2014 holiday season. 59% of these active mobile researchers/shoppers intend to use their devices to assist in making holiday online purchases.

Any mobile shopper purchasing a product online is likely going to be visiting the brand website and using its shopping cart, so mobile optimization is paramount for speed and ease of access for these “anytime, anywhere” shoppers. Consumer brand manufacturers smaller and less famous than Jimmy Choo can still apply the lessons of its new e-commerce investment. Start by examining your own platform, supply chain and understanding of product life cycles.


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