Consumer Brand Manufacturer Spotlight: Deckers

2960324037_d6faab3631_zDeckers Outdoor Corp. just reported a spectacular quarter, with Web sales up 45%. Who’s Deckers Outdoor Corp.? You might better know them as the manufacturer and retailer of UGGs (and Teva). Other notable facts from its fiscal 2015 2nd quarter (ending Sept. 30):

  • The Ugg brand’s online revenue was up about 29% in North America compared to Q2 a year ago.
  • Deckers saw higher sales in markets where it opened stores.
  • These stores (along with all the others in North America) used the proprietary Internet Ugg system to sell unstocked items over the Internet.
  • E-commerce represented 4.5% of total sales (up from 3.9% Q2 last year)
  • E-commerce sales increased 45%.
  • Retail sales increased 20.2%.

Some takeaways: Brick-and-mortar sales can supplement online (and vice-versa). They can also make for a more coherent consumer experience by blending the physical stores with the virtual stores and matching the Internet’s seemingly endless availability for shoppers. Finally, improving the consumer experience improves revenue growth and profit.

Earlier this year, the company announced some high-profile promotions to spearhead “omnichannel” activities, among them growing direct-to-consumer sales, merging offline and online operations, building the retail online presence, and “elevating the online component of the omnichannel experience.” Obviously, the company delivered on those expectations in short order.

How are you, as a consumer brand manufacturer, improving the consumer experience? How are you integrating online with offline? How consistent is your brand and the ease of purchasing across channels? Do you make it easy for consumers to get what they want, regardless of what location they’re looking to purchase from? Take a lesson from Deckers and see if you can blur the boundaries to your benefit.


Photo courtesy of Menno van der Horst via Flickr.

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