Coming Soon: Our Higher-Ed Marketing Industry Standard

We know you need more time to dig through all of the details of the digital world, especially if you’re a higher-education marketer. From Google Analytics updates to the latest student recruitment strategies, the industry can get overwhelming. With all of the changes in 2013, you might still be wondering these questions:EDU-2014_Qtly_Standard_CTA

  • What does Hummingbird mean for my school’s website?
  • How can I recover all of the data now marked “not provided” in Google Analytics?
  • Is paid search worthwhile for colleges and universities?
  • How do I best serve all of our potential students who primarily use mobile?

We’re here to answer your questions by compiling all of our higher education digital marketing research and expertise in one easy-to-digest document. Our higher education industry standard, “The 2014 EDU Standard: Looking Back and Ahead in Higher-Education Marketing,” will be released next week. Jon Pogact led the effort, ensuring you get the best of digital higher ed marketing in one place.

All you have to do is return to our blog next week to download the standard. It’s free!

Be sure to register for our upcoming webinar as we review the guide and answer your most pressing questions.

About Amanda Jerele

Amanda is a Senior Account Executive at Fathom. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business and has been with Fathom since 2010. She works primarily in the education industry and specializes in developing and executing digital marketing strategies to aid partners in driving new leads and enrollments. Her specialties include online advertising, search engine optimization, conversation optimization, email marketing, marketing automation and analytics. She is certified in Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Microsoft Bing.

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