Business Promotion the Easy Way – YouTube Videos

A recent article by entrepreneur Zeke Camusio talks about the outstanding opportunities that exist for today’s businesses via the powerful online reach of video giant YouTube. Now owned by Google – unquestionably the most popular search engine in the world at present – YouTube is indexed by the mighty search engine and its’ videos are included in Google’s search results, meaning the majority of the online world has the opportunity to encounter the video portal’s offerings via search results.

Considering that videos can be uploaded and hosted on the site for free, and watched for free by millions and millions of people around the world, YouTube offers PHENOMENAL opportunities for exposure and promotion for products, services, branding and messaging for today’s savvy companies and firms, including non-profits and start-ups.

Camusio offers 12 good tips on how to leverage YouTube using your own videos – from keyword use to choosing the right thumbnail image to represent your video. Fathom agrees with his tips – we’ve been in the business of producing & marketing Internet videos for several years now, on top of marketing client websites via SEO, PPC and Email marketing for over a decade. We encourage you to read Zeke’s article and apply what you learn. Or contact us if it all seems a bit too much to handle on top of your other marketing duties. Like Youtube itself, we’re here for you.

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