Building Better Business via Online Video

We continue to tell everyone who is listening about the effectiveness and reach of Internet video, especially now in the YouTube era. For those of us who work in the world of digital/online marketing, this is, as they say in the slang vernacular, a “no-brainer.” (Note: this phrase has never made much sense to me – if you have no brain, the least of your concerns is making decisions about your business strategies. You’ll just be hoping to keep those autonomic body functions operating!)

Anyways, as big proponents of web video for businesss marketing goals, we’re delighted when we come across stats like these from a Network World article touting video for business pursuits: Internet video today makes up about 50% of Internet traffic, and is expected to grow to 90% by the end of 2013. This does not surprise us at all – as producers of web video for many clients across the country, we see this fascinating medium being used to communicate all sorts of value propositions as well as to demonstrate how products and services really work.

What I find personally exciting about online video is its flexibility and multiple applications. As I tell clients who are interested in Internet video to communicate their brand message or show the ease or excellence of their goods and services, “Web video gives your website wings.” What I mean by this is that a video made for a business website doesn’t have to stay on that website. Savvy marketers will take that video and also upload it to YouTube, where it will get indexed by the proud parent of YouTube – Google! In this way, folks who come to your business website can view your video but also web surfers can encounter your video while searching for a pertinent subject on the mother of all search engines. Talk about multi-purpose marketing!

Case story after case story attests to the high-value efficacy of communicating with moving pictures and sound as opposed to using text solely. When the world finally realizes this in all its multitextural glory, what an interesting place we’ll be living (and working) within indeed.

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