BBC Critiques YouTube: Professionalism on the Rise with Internet Videos

A recent BBC online article reported on the changes that are slowly transforming YouTube and the YouTube viewing experience.

Chief among the evolutionary details is that YouTube is presenting more and more “professionally produced content” on the video portal, which seems to suggest that production values once-heralded as “low-fi” and “Indie” are slowly becoming more polished. This may be attributed to the growing sophistication of YouTube amateur content creators and better technology tools for filming and editing.

It also suggests that more and more companies, agencies and organizations are using YouTube to spread their messages online and to take the industry-leading website seriousy as an advertising channel.

Lastly, YouTube is working harder to cultivate their content providers so that they produce original and fresh material that brings viewers back again and again, like a television program would do. YouTube clearly recognizes the value of quality production values, despite its ‘broadcast yourself’ slogan.

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