Back-to-School Campaigns 2.0

Remember when there were back-to-school commercials on TV in 2008? Remember when marketers pushed students to their fun, flashy website in 2009? Remember making several stops at several stores to get all those school clothes and supplies? Those days are long gone. Today, savvy retailers are targeting students on social networks, like YouTube and Facebook, and finding them on their smartphones.

Any smart retailer today is promoting their back-to-school products and services on social platforms in order to target customers directly, engage with them and encourage a convenient and quick purchase online. Of course, this strategy will increase traffic to company’s websites, while increasing online revenue. It’s a brilliant strategy for back-to-school retailers. Think about it, most of the audience is already engaging in conversation about their back-to-school wants/needs on their social networks… and they are always reachable on their smartphones.

So wake up parents- the back-to-school shopping experience is largely changing for the consumer (and your kids). Thanks to Facebook, YouTube and smartphone apps, retail outlets are engaging directly with consumers, through text alerts, video content and online coupons. Not to mention, all purchases can be made online, at your convenience.

Must admit, this makes me miss the back-to-school excitement. I’m picturing kids sitting down with Mom/Dad to pick out and purchase this year’s school supplies from their favorite website. Hoping the youngsters today still get excited to buy this year’s most popular Trapper Keeper online… maybe they’ll get texts about the coolest mechanical pencils out this year.


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