Align AdWords Campaigns With TV & Video

Align Google AdWords with TV & Video

Simply put, great multi-channel advertising campaigns communicate a consistent message across all touchpoints. Sure, the phrasing may need to be tweaked for each channel, but it’s important for the overall message to be consistent. If you are advertising using TV or video, there are several ways to optimize your AdWords campaigns to align with those TV and video efforts.

Ad Scheduling

If your TV flight is targeted around specific times of the day or during certain TV shows, it is crucial that your AdWords campaigns are active during those periods. You may also want to increase your keyword bids and budgets around that schedule to ensure your ads show up precisely when potential customers are searching for your brand’s products or services.

Ad Copy Messaging

Another thing to keep in mind is your ad copy. If your TV or video ads are calling out a certain promotion, discount, or value proposition, it’s important that your AdWords ads speak to those same points. Whether it’s in the headline, description, or within an ad extension, using consistent messages across different channels will increase brand recognition and provide multiple chances to drive traffic to your site.


Similar to ad copy, keywords are a great area to align AdWords campaigns with TV or video ads. If there are certain phrases or potential keywords you are using in your video messaging, you’ll also want to include those keywords in your paid search account to capture that traffic.


One common practice for TV ads is to direct traffic to a vanity URL, which allows marketers to track how many people came to the website as a result of the advertisement. For example, if your main site is, you might send traffic to If you are doing this for any of your ads, you should place a remarketing pixel on the landing page. This will give you the chance to serve additional ads to visitors of that page as they browse the internet, enticing them to come back to your site and convert.


The tips above specifically speak to aligning Google AdWords to your TV or Video campaigns, but make sure to apply the approach to all of your marketing efforts. Creating a holistic marketing strategy will help you reach the right people, at the right time, and with the right message. Being consistent across all of your marketing channels will increase your brand’s awareness and give potential customers several chances to see your message and interact with your brand.

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