Agency Secrets: Adopting Digital Marketing in Healthcare

Adopting Digital Marketing in Healthcare

For many health care systems, digital marketing can seem like a scary world. Every hospital has its own set of leaders and decision makers, and the strict privacy laws and guidelines attached to healthcare can make executives hesitant. It can be tricky for a digital marketing professional to show how the benefits outweigh their concerns.

Working closely with healthcare executives has given me some great insight on how to help hospital systems adopt a digital marketing strategy and successfully implement new ideas.

Identify How Digital Marketing Can Support Your Goals
Whether it’s highlighting a specific service line, beating out local competition, or increasing the overall wellness of the community, each health system has its own form of priorities that have been determined by executives. Familiarizing yourself with your goals and making sure you’re all on the same page can help your strategy align with them. If the leadership team understands that your suggestions will directly help them meet those objectives, they will be more likely to support them.

Position Yourself as the Expert
Once you’ve clearly identified the goals of your health system, consider how you can align your digital marketing strategy with those objectives. Consider attending webinars, participating in conferences, and signing up for additional training opportunities so you can best leverage your skills. By showcasing your expertise and desire to stay updated on new trends, you can show your executive team that they can be confident in your ability to be an educated leader in this area.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions
While you should definitely have ideas to propose to your leadership team, simply asking what the executive team is looking for help with is a great way to get more information. You may find some extra digital marketing opportunities that you hadn’t realized. Additionally, by opening up the discussion to include their specific wants and expectations, you encourage open communication and their involvement in digital marketing initiatives in the future.

Educate Them
Don’t be afraid to showcase statistics to convince leadership of the importance of digital marketing. Share with them the staggering numbers of people using Google for health information, how social media impacts how people choose a doctor, and how digital marketing has had an impact on your competitors. Then share examples of how your health system could be leveraging digital marketing in these ways.


What tactics have you used to demonstrate the importance of digital marketing to your company’s leadership team? We’d love to hear more about them in the comments.

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