Achieving Social Success: Which Channels Should Manufacturers Focus on

Pin, post or tweet?  This question is a common concern amongst manufacturing companies when choosing which social media platforms to utilize.  Since the dawn of the social era, companies have flocked to platforms in an effort to connect with customers and build their businesses.  From one site to six sites, brands are increasing their penetration eating up all the exposure the Internet can provide.  So is “the more the better” really true?

As part of social media best practices, it is better for businesses to have a strong brand presence on a few social media channels rather than a weak presence across all.  The top social sites recommended for manufacturing clientsSocial Media for Manufacturers from highest to lowest importance are as follows:

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Twitter
  3. Facebook
  4. Youtube

For those that are limited on time and can only pick one platform, make it LinkedIn.  With over 260 million users around the globe, LinkedIn is an excellent platform to build your brand awareness, establish relationships, and drive traffic to your website.  Although advertising costs can squeeze every penny out of your budget, the platform offers many different targeting features.  Targeting individuals by job title allow you to reach those higher level decision makers who just might have the answers that you are striving for.
It is important that marketers keep the demographics of channel users into perspective.  For example, Pinterest tends to skew towards a heavily female audience while over half of Instagram users are below the age of 30.  Businesses aren’t going to be reaching those next level decision makers if the majority of users online are teenage girls.

Achieving success through social media for manufacturers involves utilizing the correct platforms and churning out relative content to your target audience.  Furthermore, manufacturers should come to the battlefield with cash in hand to fight for prime exposure with their target audience.  Competition may be high but don’t let price intimidation discourage you from building a social presence. Limit the complexity. Social media for manufacturers doesn’t have to be so scary! Remember, it’s about creating an open dialogue between the business and the customer.

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