9 Signs It’s Time for a New Manufacturing Website

ALERT, ALERT! Is your website up to par?

Statistically, you have about 7seconds to capture your visitor’s interest on your manufacturing website. Yep, that’s it—7 seconds. In some cases, even less. If your site looks outdated or doesn’t function correctly, chances are you will lose that visitor. And most likely, you will have lost them forever. If you don’t want that to happen, read these 9 signs to find out if your site needs a refresh.

#1. Your branding has changed.

Your manufacturing company’s branding has changed, but your website has not. This happens more often than not in this fast-moving world. Does this sound familiar? “It’s a new year and we need to come up with new strategies to get in front of our customers.” You create new taglines, maybe a new logo, new messaging and a new mission statement. Then you print some business cards and some handouts/brochures. But the website doesn’t get touched. Your branding should be cohesive so that your audience doesn’t feel confused or misled by conflicting marketing messages in different places.

#2. It has an outdated look and feel.

Most people out there nowadays know when they have arrived to an outdated website. Unfortunately, this is all-too-common with manufacturing websites, be it the look and feel of the site, the way the navigation is set, or how the content reads. For example, does your content hit home with your visitor; does it tell a story? Or is it bland and self-promotional? Is your site built with tables or frames? Can you view it easily on a mobile device? All of these elements are essential to having a holistically modern site, which is essential to good user experience in every industry.

#3. It’s not easily updated.

When you create new content or brand messaging, your website should be the first thing that’s updated. A top reason websites don’t get updated is because it’s too hard to do. With new technology designed just to simplify this process, updating your website becomes effortless.  Staying updated also keeps you higher in the rankings when people are searching for your products.

#4. The bounce rate is going up.

If you are keeping an eye in Google Analytics and seeing that your bounce rate is going up day-by day or month-by-month, this is a key indicator that either your site is not easy to use or people are not finding what they need. For example, maybe they are on a tablet or a phone and your site is not responsive. The visitor will most likely leave your site and go on to the next one that is responsive. If you have other marketing materials that look different than your current website, visitors could leave because they think they have the wrong company.

#5. It is not mobile-/tablet-friendly.

I have touched on this in the previous paragraphs but this is a very important part of a web presence.9 Signs Its Time for a New Manufacturing Website Although the manufacturing industry may not see a lot of mobile e-commerce, it is increasingly common for people to do company research on mobile devices. Mobile and tablet usage is going to surpass desktop in the near future. If you want to keep up with your competitors, having a well designed, responsive website is essential.

#6. The content doesn’t tell a story to your visitors.

This was also mentioned in some previous paragraphs and is equally important as having a responsive website. Content is huge right now for a few reasons. Search engines crawl content, and they want good content … content that is relative to your business and addresses visitor needs or problems. This will get you both better rankings in the search engines and more qualified conversions/leads. Fathom’s content specialists update clients’ websites on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The key is that they are being updated often.

#7. It is hard to navigate.

Navigation can get tricky through time, especially as the business grows or changes and links are added to the website. Maybe your business is trying something new and you don’t have a good place to put your new strategy, so you put your navigation for this new strategy under another section or on the homepage with all kinds of other links. Visitors may never see it or get confused about what the new link is about if it’s just thrown somewhere on your site.

#8. Site speed is slow.

Your site could take a long time to load in different browsers due to older back-end coding. A new website allows for a smoother experience and maximum browser functionality.

#9. Your competitors are outranking you.

If your competitors have updated websites, they are most likely outranking you on search engines. Having a higher ranking than your competitor is one key to getting people to your site. Once you get them there, your site needs to be engaging enough to get them to convert. It must answer their needs or pain points and present simple paths to resolve them.


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