5 Steps to a Better PPC Account

You launched a new PPC account, and you feel like you have a good hold on performance. But how can you keep moving toward long-term success? Consider these five steps to continually improving your accounts.


  1. Review an all-time search term report

We often use search term reports to eliminate irrelevant traffic, but they’re also the best way to uncover exactly what your customers are looking for. Start by sifting through an all-time search term report to analyze your account’s previous performance: Are your current keywords covering the most valuable queries? What type of consumers are you reaching with your ads? Have search trends changed since you launched the account? Think about new ways that you can expand the account to capture even better traffic.


  1. Reevaluate your campaign and ad group structure

Determine if your account is still structured to succeed, and take the time to evaluate how traffic funnels through your campaigns. Are any of your ad groups consistently spending all of their campaign’s budget? Consider breaking these groups into their own campaigns for better cost control.


  1. Add new keywords

Remember your search term and account structure analysis when considering new keywords to add to your account. First, look at those search terms that have led to the most conversions program-to-date. Have you included those in your account as exact match keywords? Also consider adding keywords that show purchase intent from your customer. For eCommerce companies, you may add keywords that include “buy” or “purchase.” In this higher education industry, you might look for keywords like “enroll” or “apply.”


  1. Readjust your bidding structure

We make frequent changes to keyword bids, but take some time to ensure your tiered bidding system is still in place. Again, think about your search term and account analysis to understand the best way to prioritize queries. Spend the most money to capture searches with the most purchase intent, and make sure that your exact match keywords have a chance to shine. Finally, think about your budgets and how much each of these queries is really worth to your business.


  1. Evaluate ad copy and extension performance

After adjusting your account structure and adding new keywords, take a moment to evaluate your ad copy. Which ads have performed the best, and can you use similar wording in other ad groups? Are there any available ad extensions that you’re not taking advantage of? Think about what you would want to see for the keywords in each of your ad groups.

About Deanna Fleming

Deanna is a Paid Advertising Specialist on Fathom Education team, specializing in paid search and paid social advertising. She is a recent graduate of Kent State University, where she studied Managerial Marketing and Advertising, and a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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