This Week in Publish or Perish: The Surprising Reason Sales Should Ignore Snapchat

As always, this episode of Publish or Perish focuses on one tactic that sales leaders can do to scale relationships and revenue. This week’s tactic is knowing which social channels you can ignore, especially as it relates to live video.

To discuss this topic, podcast host Jeff Leo Herrmann interviews social media expert Angela Kreiger. Together, they cover why it’s important to always ask yourself ‘Why?’ before launching into a new channel and how to accomplish your goals of communicating, standing out, and building trust with your audience.

Skim the episode overview below or check out the podcast now for the full interview.

Relying on email and phone tactics can make salespeople easy to ignore while video is a method to break through and create trust. Video, especially live video, is becoming prominent as live video platforms continue to pop up and many existing social platforms are bringing it into their toolkits.

JH: Why should we care about Snapchat?

AK: Snapchat is a user-based platform that consists of mostly young people and allows quick communication via photo and video—and it is growing fast. Brands are capitalizing on its tools, such as the discover tool, as Snapchat opens their advertising API.

If you’re not targeting users in their teens and twenties, it might not be valuable to invest in now. It is worth it to keep an eye on the platform as the user base matures, though. Historically, Snapchat is a personal channel and brands are just now discovering the best ways to use it.

Because of the demographic of its user base, Snapchat may not make the most sense for B2B companies. There are other social channels that utilize videos and are more appropriate for B2B marketing, though.

JH: Can you give us a background on Instagram?

AK: Instagram was originally only an iPhone app (Android users couldn’t even get on it) and was also originally a photo-based app. It has now opened up to both Android users and to video. Similar to Snapchat, its video functionality is in-app only. The platform is now owned by Facebook, making its data and targeting more robust and helping to grow its advertising capabilities.

JH: If I’m a sales & marketing leader looking to breakthrough as a thought leader, what do I use? What about Twitter’s video response?

AK: A lot of connecting on social is how you’re interacting and managing your community and what that experience is like. Video replying is a more personal way to do this. Twitter’s video response option can also be really powerful for a brand because it shows that there’s a real person behind the brand who is managing the communications.

Many people are already familiar with Twitter, which makes user functionality much better.  Plus, Twitter’s audience is a little broader and a little older, making it a better option for breaking through to this persona.

JH: There are a lot of channels with video options (Facebook Live, Periscope, Blab, YouTube, etc.), can you compare them for us?

AK: Facebook is becoming the Google of social media, but the live feed is what they’ve been missing in comparison to these other platforms. Facebook has such a broad user base, so it’s much easier for people to adopt a new tool on Facebook than it is to sign up for a whole new platform. I predict Facebook Live will take over the live video movement.

Although Facebook has been prioritizing video for a while, YouTube definitely isn’t going anywhere.  It still important to have a YouTube channel even if you’re using Facebook Live

JH: Let’s talk about LinkedIn specifically. Salespeople use this a lot, but there is no native video option and the use of imagery is just taking hold. Will LinkedIn make a video play?

AK: It would be smart if they did—it would add variety to their newsfeed. I think they likely will follow suit with other platforms moving towards live video.

Top Takeaways:

  1. Put Snapchat aside (for now)
  2. Start your live video efforts with Facebook Live
  3. Use YouTube as a repository for your video content

Check out episode 22 of Publish or Perish now to hear the full interview with social media expert Angela Kreiger and let us know what you think of live video in the comments.

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