4 Paid Content Promotion Tactics for Manufacturers

You know your manufacturing audience. You spend three hours carefully crafting a piece of content you know your audience will love. Finally, the time has come to hit ‘publish’ and, as you do, you can’t ignore the flutter of excitement in your stomach.

Deep breath. It’s out there. It’s live. So now it’s time to sit back and watch it take off.

The only problem is, it doesn’t take off. After one push through social media and a few days, engagement is low. But you know the piece is awesome, so what did you do wrong? Would the manufacturing content have seen much more success with a small monetary push?

The hard truth is – probably. To set your content up for success, distribution and promotion are key. Here’s a quick list of paid content promotion tactics for the next time you hit ‘publish’.


Outbrain is a paid content discovery platform that puts your content on other popular websites where people are looking for something new to discover. The main purpose of Outbrain is to drive more traffic to your content. It’s not ideal for content that’s promotional or company-focused, but more so content that’s entertaining, interesting or helpful to an audience.

The best part? Outbrain is affordable. Pricing works on a cost-per-click model. Simply select a daily budget ($10 minimum) and cost-per-click. You pay only for visits you receive until you reach your daily budget.

As a content marketer, I’m a huge advocate of Outbrain because I’ve seen its success firsthand. One of our manufacturing clients earned a 2,500+ boost in traffic to its blog with the help of Outbrain over a period of just a few days.


You may have known about the free version of StumbleUpon, but did you know it offers a paid discovery platform too? For manufacturers producing a great deal of local-focused content, this might be a good option because you can target by interests, location, age, etc. Seasonally-focused content also works well on this platform.

A great feature of StumbleUpon is the way the paid program works. You pay for engaged users (paid clicks) and an instant boost in popularity. However, you only pay for unique visitors and if your paid visitors share your content, the resulting visits are free. So essentially, you could see results long after you stop paying for clicks.

Sponsored Social Posts

Many manufacturers using social media are aware that Facebook is a competitive pay-to-play platform. Organic reach on this channel is now less than 2 percent (ouch!). If you want your content to catch as many eyes as possible, you have to be willing to pay.

The good news? You can benefit from sponsored social posts on Facebook by playing around with advanced targeting criteria and advertising not only to those who’ve liked your page, but to their Facebook friends as well. If all goes as planned, that should result in more targeted reach and higher quality engagement.

Manufacturers should also consider paid advertising on LinkedIn, if that’s where your audience is. Use it to not only target a particular audience, but to promote strong pieces of content like whitepapers, videos, or product promotions.

PPC Campaigns

If the goal of your PPC campaigns is to generate leads, it might be worthwhile to use your manufacturing content as bait. Have a genius whitepaper, but need more eyes on it? Incorporate it into your PPC strategy. Create compelling ad copy with a strong call-to-action, and make sure your landing page is specific to your piece of content. Give snippets of what to expect from the whitepaper but don’t give too much away. If the components are successful, you’ll get eyes on your content and valuable leads all from one campaign.

There are so many other paid strategies out there for promoting quality content. Our best piece of advice? Test, measure and learn. Eventually, you’re bound to find the promotion tactic that works best for your manufacturing content. Good luck!

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