3 Ways Your Manufacturing Company Should Use PPC

Paying for space on search engines goes by many different names: pay-per-click (PPC), paid search, search engine marketing. No matter what you call it, there are several ways you should be using it to market your manufacturing company.

1.       Get New Products Seen Quick!

Are you launching a new product? Do you want to get traffic to your site and can’t wait for it to rank organically? You can create a campaign in Google AdWords and start sending traffic to your site within a few hours. Do some quick keyword research and write a few ads and bingo! You will start having visitors to those new product pages you just made and it didn’t take 3 months for Google to index them! This can also give you a quick indication if people are searching for the new product you are offering.

2.       Protect Your Brand

But, Matt, I am already ranked #1 on my brand keywords. Why should I also spend money on them?  It might seem silly to bid on your company name, but guess what….it isn’t. Branded keywords are almost always your most inexpensive source of paid traffic and usually also your best converting. Serving ads with your brand can also keep competitors at bay if they are bidding on your name too. Plus, the extra spot on the results page with your ad doesn’t hurt anything. I like to think of a SERP like a roulette wheel. The more spaces you bet on, they better your chances are to win.

3.       Tradeshows

If you are going to attend a tradeshow, try putting up some ads with keywords around the show. People searching for the tradeshow are most likely looking for information, so don’t go with a hard sell here. Just put up an ad telling people your organization will be in attendance and ask them to stop by. These types of campaigns may not have much traffic, but you could be surprised with some extra visitors to your booth. (Find more information on how to market for tradeshows here.)

Paid search is an easy space to get started in and these tactics are fairly low risk. Even if you aren’t doing anything today, try them and let us know your results! It should be worth your time if you are looking to experiment.


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