3 Steps to Digital Marketing Success in 2015

While there are some who still believe that word-of-mouth and print advertising are enough, others can attest to the success of digital marketing when it comes to bringing in new business for manufacturers. The digital space is full of opportunities and while the ability to search for businesses is big, digital is capable of so much more! In previous years, digital marketing was all about being found in search engines, but today’s marketing strategies all are customer-focused. The question manufacturers must ask is, “How can I reach out to the people who truly need my product and show them I’m the best choice?”

Follow these 3 digital marketing steps to ensure you start off 2015 right:

  1. Set a good foundation

As amazing as digital marketers are, there are certain aspects of your business that need to stop moving in order to set a foundation for marketing. If you are unsure who your audience is, how to explain what you do or why you do it, you don’t have a tangible idea to market. You cannot push customers to a website that is under construction without hurting your ratings, and you risk losing customers right out of the gate if you don’t have the right message. It’s important before approaching any company to assist you to have the following:

  • A solid understanding of the marketplace you’re going after
    • Who are your top competitors?
    • What differentiates you?
    • How do your customers find you?
    • What does the buying cycle look like?
  • Analytics set up correctly
    • Do your pages have tracking code?
    • Are goals created in Google Analytics to track conversions?
    • Can you tie conversions to sales?

Without these essential elements, creating a digital strategy is near impossible. Without being able to define what your business is and what advantage you provide to your customers, crafting a message to send is very difficult. To market any manufacturing business efficiently, the manufacturers expertise is used to provide the insights needed to know who to speak to, when and where they can be found.

  1. Have patience

Digital marketing is all about setting the groundwork and building up to the results you want. Paid advertising, email and even SEO all take time to gather information and make the necessary adjustments to succeed. That doesn’t mean that you will never reach them, simply that it can take time to discover whether your efforts are working.

Even proper website design and functionality takes time to create and perfect. On average, digital marketing efforts take about 90 days to be created, gain traction and have enough data to provide true insights. So don’t fret if the numbers aren’t where you want them to be after only 30 days.

  1. Move with the times

As our society is becoming faster-paced, your marketing needs to keep up with the times. Cell phones have become smartphones, tablets have exploded with options and finally, wearable technology has become available. If people weren’t demanding before, they sure will be now. Marketing is no longer effective as a general email blast or billboard sign saying, “Buy me!”

People want relevant, timely and helpful information. There will come a day when a person can turn to their cell phone and ask Siri or Cortana, “What do I want for dinner tonight?” and it will be able to answer. While this is an extreme example, it goes to show how much more personalized marketing is becoming. Segmenting can help you send messages about upcoming sales on items your customers currently buy as opposed to advertising a sale to people who still aren’t aware of what your product does.

How can you become more successful in 2015? Set a good foundation for your marketing team, understand that it takes time to reach the desired results and focus on your customers! For more information, read Digital Marketing Trends Manufacturers Should Focus on in 2015 to make the most out of your budget this year.


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