3 Good Reasons To Keep Your Internet Videos Short-Short-Short!

Everyone feels they have something very valuable to say these days about their company or their product offerings or services, but it’s funny how the rest of the world might not be that interested in your 10-page case study or 20-minute video on teeth enameling, stock-car stereos or new baby diaper recycling system. Instead of giving up on spreading your message, especially when it comes to web video production, consider keeping your presentations short and sweet to communicate your value proposition in a way that will be remembered.

Recently, Mosaic Media posted a sweet, short article on WHY short Internet videos work better than longer ones. Here’s the scoop in CliffsNotes fashion:

  • Over-saturated attention spans today are barraged with information. Make your web video short and to-the-point in order to increase the likelihood that it will be watched in its entirety….and remembered.
  • No matter how much you have to say to your audience, there’s only so much one can digest at a time. IF you truly have ten minutes of material to present, consider breaking it up into five 2-minutes videos based on content. That way you have more video assets to share on the Web with the world anyways!
  • Forced focusing and refining of your messaging will help you to make a more concise video. Face it – no matter how much trenchant material you have to share, if you know that you only have 2 minutes to share it, you’ll become very economical at removing the fluff and glitter from your delivery. What remains is likely to be the concentrated, pure essence that you want your viewers to walk away with anyways.

As with many pursuits and disciplines both creative and entrepreneurial, Less is often More.    Edit early, and edit often.

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