12 Stats from 2012 Every B2B Technology Marketer Should Know

Stats for 2012

As marketing planning for 2013 revs into high gear,  technology marketers should pay attention to a few important statistics and studies from this past year:

1) Buyers of high-consideration B2B tech solutions typically use about 3 distinct content types during each phase of the buying process. (Source: BtoB Magazine)

2) Ninety-two percent use search engines as an online research source. (Source: Google)

3) Tech decision makers share info mostly by email (86%), but 73% also use social media to source ideas and information to discuss with peers and colleagues. (Source: IDG Enterprise)

4) Forty-four percent of tech B2B customers convert two weeks or more after their first website visit. (Source: Google)

5) Seventy-nine percent of tech B2B purchases were made online, primarily on brand websites (60%). (Source: Google)

6) Seventy-one percent of tech B2B customers research the tech product advertised after seeing a display ad; and, 46% recalled display ads while shopping for tech products. (Source: Google)

7) Seventy-eight percent find search engines on their mobile device very useful when shopping for tech products. (Source: Google)

8) Forty-one percent of conversions on tech B2B sites are from organic non-branded search referrals. (Source: Google)

9) Three in five tech decision-makers are influenced by at least one social network during their involvement in the decision-making process. (Source: LinkedIn)

10) Eighty-five percent find corporate websites to be valuable sources of information in determining an IT vendor and 63% are visiting corporate websites a few times a week or more. (Source: Hill+Knowlton Strategies)

11) One in three tech decision-makers purchased the tech product online after watching videos. (Source: Google)

12) Companies that use full-feature integrated marketing automation are more likely to expect to outgrow their competitors in the next year than those who don’t use marketing automation. (Source: MarketingCharts)


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