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B2B Marketers: Would You Exhibit?

By | May 28, 2014

Question:  If you knew that 100,000 potential customers were attending an industry trade show, would you exhibit?

Of course you would!  And I bet you would wonder how to draw those 100,000 attendees into your booth (see Fathom’s guide to maximizing trade show ROI).

Another leading question:  If you knew that 100,000 potential customers were actively searching (e.g. , on Google) for your specific products/services, would you invest in digital marketing?

For the sake of your organization’s sustainability (let alone growth), I earnestly hope that you said “YES.”

The buying process has changed … let’s look at some startling statistics:

  • 93% of B2B buyers use search to begin the buying process
  • The average B2B buyer is 57% through the purchase decision before contacting a supplier
  • 100% of B2B buyers have read company web content in the past six months to evaluate a purchase

So, where do you begin?

  • Keyword Research – Validate market opportunity by identifying strategic keywords and determining volume of searches being performed.  Suggested tool:  Google Keyword Planner (free)
  • Ranking Report – Determine your organization’s current market share and that of your competitors.  Suggested tool:  Web Position (paid license).
  • Digital Assessment – Identify potential revenue opportunities and pin-point what’s getting in the way.
  • Strategy and Investment – A clear road map to your digital success.  Given the revenue opportunities gleaned from the assessment and investment required for success, you are able to project ROI on digital.
  • Allocating Budget – You are now armed with data to justify an investment in digital!

To help your company sustain itself and grow, it’s imperative that you pay attention to how the B2B buying process has changed. And investing in digital marketing is how you can position your company so that buyers find you early in the buying process.


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Patricia joined the Fathom team in 2004 as a Business Development Manager. During her tenure, she has helped shape Fathom’s offerings to reflect market changes and demand. Patricia received a Materials and Logistics degree from Michigan State University (Procurement, Operations and Distribution). She put that degree to work at General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Cincinnati Electrosystems. Patricia’s leadership role on Fathom’s manufacturing team is a natural fit, as she has been living and breathing in the B2B space for over 25 years. Outside of the office, Patricia plays music (classical flute and blues harp), volunteers at the Michigan Humane Society and enjoys relaxing with her husband, Mike and spoiled dog, Roscoe.

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