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Survive the Impending Onslaught of Content-Based Filtering

By | January 21, 2011

If you missed my post last week, I discussed how the adoption of IPv6 will inevitably change email marketing delivery. Now that you know a fundamental shift in email delivery is coming — actually, it already has for the major inbox providers — here is what you can do about it.

Engage your subscribers as much as possible.

Patricia said it best earlier this week with, “The days of batch and blast are over.” With a portion of your sender reputation based on inbox engagement, you should only be sending relevant, targeted, and timely messages to your subscribers.… Read the rest

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Screaming Louder: What a Celebrity Can Teach Businesses About the Use of Social Media

By | February 18, 2010

The Internet and celebrities were almost made for each other. Whether you head out to TMZ to see who’s cheating on who, or head over to YouTube to watch the trailer for an upcoming movie you’re excited about, or if you’re heading over to CNN to see who Brad and Angelina adopted this week, at some point or another, the Internet has given you access to celebrities like you’ve never had before.

A recent public skirmish between Kevin Smith and Southwest Airlines proves the inverse is also true: Celebrities now have more access to you than ever.… Read the rest

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Fathom Keyword Mixer – Free Keyword Research Tool

By | September 11, 2009

You’re getting ready to launch a new search marketing campaign. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a paid or organic search campaign. The seeds of success for your campaign are planted with keyword research.

Lots and lots of keyword research.

Inevitably, you’ll have to create extensive lists of keywords to analyze and review.

Today, Fathom is proud to release a new tool to help you create those massive lists more quickly:

The Keyword Mixer allows you to quickly generate 100s and even thousands of keyword variations by entering in a few options and some lists of words to mix.… Read the rest

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