The Insanely Useful (and Often Maligned) Nature of Call Tracking

Being in “setup mode” with a few of our recently on-boarded clients has given me cause to step back and take a look at one of the more controversial aspects of the Fathom Paid Search Process, the sometimes misunderstood Call Tracking.

What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is a tool that allows search engine marketers to track the specific online sources that are generating phone calls. In its most simple form, this involves placing a track-able telephone number (like those available from Google Call Metrics or Marchex etc) on web collateral. The track-able number instantly and automatically redirects users to the original number, but the intercept allows an advertiser to capture call data.

What Can be Tracked?

Depending on the needs, regulatory environment, and the online sophistication of an advertiser, call-tracking can be used to capture:

  • Time, and amount of calls from a specific page or channel.
  • Caller phone number, amount of repeat calls, and call duration.
  • Conversations can be digitally recorded and accessed on “the cloud,” recorded calls can also be automatically transcripted to text data and “mined” with premium services.
  • Calls coming from users on the home page can be tracked to the individual sources that brought them there using a “javascript rewrite” and a unique redirect tracking number for each source.

What are the Benefits of Call Tracking?

Call tracking allows advertisers to get a more complete picture of “what’s working.” Not using call-tracking makes it really difficult to have a complete grasp of the true return on investment of a program, and tends to lead to bad business decisions. With all that said, call tracking isn’t right for every client. To learn more about call tracking or find out more about an online call strategy request a free SEO evaluation today!

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