New Site Speed Performance Tab in Google Analytics

It seems that yet another feature has been rolled out in the new version of Google Analytics. In an announcement yesterday, Google announced that they’ve further expanded the Site Speed reporting capabilities to include a new “Performance” tab to that area of the platform.

The new “Performance” tab allows users (like myself) longing for more granular details about load times to move beyond the simple averages reported previously, and see a percentage breakout among the load time buckets. The ability, when combined with GA’s advanced segmentation capabilities, can provide fantastic information that allows you to correlate page load times with user engagement and conversion metrics. There’s a significant amount of actionable data that be harvested here to inform and improve your online marketing initiatives.

Google’s announcement post provides a great example of this, and I highly recommend you give it a read.

Viewing the Site Speed reports does require an additional line of code to be added to your existing snippet, but this fairly simple change is well worth the time it should take to enable. If you haven’t already added the _trackPageLoadTime call to your Google Analytics tracking code, crack open your include file (you are using an include file for your tracking code aren’t you?) and get it in there!

Have fun with your new Site Speed Performance Metrics!

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