How Marketers Can Prepare a Company for a “Big Data” Future

As the “Big Data” market is set to grow to nearly $17 billion by 2015 (IDC via CIO Insight), prudent marketers will find ways to adapt the analytical power of 360-degree views of their customers. “If you look 5 or even 10 years down the road, you can envision a future in which data informs as much as 75% of all your marketing …,” Cory Treffiletti recently wrote in MediaPost‘s OnlineSPIN blog.

I couldn’t agree more. In fact, Fathom’s own VP of Sales & Marketing, Jeff L. Herrmann, is on record arguing that companies should make 100% of their marketing budgets accountable.

Thanks to a shortage of “Big Data” knowledge workers, many people today who have no previous analytics experience or training are going to be asked to maximize their companies’ marketing with it tomorrow. How does a traditional marketer even begin to go about this process? Treffiletti recently offered some helpful ideas:

  • Select the right partner(s) for data-driven digital marketing.
  • Get the partners involved with your company (attending meetings, educating staff with “lunch-and-learns”).
  • Keep all discussions grounded in reality, i.e. the specific context of your business.
  • Challenge your partner(s) to provide the best solutions.

To his ideas I’d add:

In Treffiletti’s words, “The age of the static ad network is officially over, and the world of data-driven marketing is here.” The sooner you welcome this world, the greater likelihood you will be able to bring your company more profitable revenue from digital than it has ever seen before.


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Photo courtesy of Idaho National Laboratory via Flickr.

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