Healthcare Analytics News: Big Data for Better Medical Diagnoses

With the news of IBM’s supercomputer, Watson, coming to Case Western Reserve University for medical research, another milestone in “Big Data” analytics for healthcare is reached. I’ve written previously about the link between Watson and WellPoint, but this 3-yr. plan for “research-driven collaboration” (in the words of IBM officials) seems like an even bigger stage in the evolution of healthcare innovation.

Consider some language used in the Plain Dealer article (and the accompanying YouTube video):

  • collaborative decision-support tool
  • help the computer become a more analytical thinker, refine its ability to generate hypotheses, rank those hypotheses and come up with answers
  • synergy between students and computer in how they are trained to think
  • problem-based learning approach

Do you see a theme? It’s all about finding patterns, analyzing information and solving problems. The supercomputer is IBM’s hope for improved decision-making in the medical field. A very lofty goal made possible thanks to the skillful application of Big Data analytics.


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