Fathom That?! – Ep. 6 – “Review of the Changes Made to Google Analytics Session Tracking”

By August 26, 2011 Analytics No Comments

Check out this week’s episode of “Fathom That?!” on Google Analytics visitor session tracking.

Fathom’s resident analytics expert, Cliff Karklin, helps viewers understand the recent change Google Analytics made to visitor session tracking. He clarifies how Google used to track sessions, and how sessions are tracked now. He also points out the problems people encountered and how Google made fixes to address the issues.

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About Cliff Karklin

Cliff Karklin is Director, Integrated Analytics at Fathom with over 10 years of online marketing experience with an Analytics and Technical SEO focus. In addition to his work across the company, he heads up analytics and technical initiatives for the Consumer Brands and Ecommerce Team.When Cliff isn't at the office developing creative strategies and digging far too deeply into analytics, you can usually find him still connected to the online world, pouring over the latest industry news and testing new tools and processes.Follow Cliff on Twitter @CliffyKOnline

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