Consumer Brand Manufacturer Spotlight: Newell Rubbermaid

Newell Rubbermaid wants to go big on e-commerce. The company has pledged to do anything to spur sales of its products, which means a big e-commerce push. To that end, it will launch a global e-commerce hub in New York City early next year, doubling the size of its existing e-commerce staff by adding 30+ new members.

While some consumer brand manufacturers fear channel conflict, Newell Rubbermaid is embracing its retail partners. Its philosophy is: Consumers will do what they want, so we should ensure their brand experience is excellent whether on one of our websites or on a retailer partner’s. This realistic approach to how consumers actually shop can teach all consumer brand manufacturers an important lesson.


The #1 goal of marketers should be to create an excellent experience for their customers, no matter where the interaction happens. This universal “meet-them-where-they-are” approach is smart because as analytics-savvy people, we know that multiple mobile devices and regular switching between online and offline are all typical of the consumer’s non-linear path to purchase. Making the experience great and consistent across devices AND places (including virtual places, like your website or retail partner’s) is paramount. Newell Rubbermaid appears to understand this, judging by its new investment in analytics and people whose jobs will consist of tapping into e-commerce data of its own retail partners.

So while Newell Rubbermaid throws e-commerce money at Sharpie, Lenox and Paper Mate, ask yourself what you can do now to identify your own brand’s growth opportunities for 2015 in an ever-changing e-commerce environment.


Photo courtesy of wazimu0 via Flickr.

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