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Digital Funnel Management

Everybody in sales & marketing knows the classic sales funnel. We have a modern take on it. As a digital marketing and analytics agency accountable for growing your revenue profitably, we look to every stage of a buyer’s journey through the sales funnel. By catering to the distinct phases of the purchase process, we maximize the chances that a visitor turns into a customer, whether immediately or months (sometimes years) down the road.

We call it full digital funnel management. You can call it passion for growing your business.

Learn more about how to approach the digital marketing funnel:

Today, we believe the best marketing recognizes how to meet customers halfway (if not further) by giving them invaluable resources. Such an approach requires understanding, empathy, agility, and often technical know-how (especially with marketing automation and advanced applications of analytics).

Not only do competitive, growing companies today want more than just SEO, online advertising or email marketing, many also want a marketing brain—a go-to source that understands their business, their industry and how to (profitably) achieve the company’s goals in the digital space. At Fathom, we deliberately choose to focus our energy on key industries and aim to use our collective organizational intelligence and experience to be your marketing brain.