Fathom’s people believe that all investments in marketing and advertising must be held highly accountable. Our collective goal of “Inspiring Transformation” means we want to create prosperity for our clients, their customers, and all of Fathom’s stakeholders: employees, partners, shareholders, and community members.

We’re obsessively focused on building audiences through content strategy, sales analytics, and marketing technology.  We share common goals of finding purpose in our work, growing our knowledge bases (and ourselves), and surfing ahead of the tides of marketing trends.

Fathom is about pursuing growth—personal, professional, business—on whatever paths the individuals or organizations associated with us take. Fathom people come from diverse backgrounds, but we all share a passion for marketing and growth.

Fathom People
Fathom People
Fathom People
Fathom People

We know that in today’s marketing world, change is the norm. We expect it as part of the job. In fact, we welcome it and embrace the challenge of applying what we learn from our own marketing journeys to help other organizations reach their primary goals and outdo competitors.

For us, it’s all about making a difference in your organization: Your business and marketing goals are our goals. We want your brand to be embraced by advocates and your audiences to have excellent experiences.

We believe and demonstrate four values we’ve deemed as core to the organization.

Everyone a Leader

Pursuing learning and growth for ourselves and the people we serve as the key to success.

Make Order from Chaos

Embracing and driving change as the primary pathway to learning and growth.

Be the Consigliere

Meeting unrecognized needs beyond expectations through deep customer intimacy.

Do Well & Do Good

Having a bias for action, preferring to ask for forgiveness rather than permission.


We know that marketing, like life, is sometimes messy. However, with a solid plan and mindfulness of the past, present and future, we can help organizations thrive amidst chaos. Indeed, one of our core values is make order from chaos. Every Fathomer embodies this value and brings this discipline to work daily. In other words, we’re dedicated to helping simplify the complex world of marketing for you … and having fun while doing it!

Kevin Shaw


Scot Lowry

President & CEO

Kevin Herendeen


Steve Kessen


Sean Wenger

EVP, Client Services

Stephen Epple

EVP, Solutions

Efi Golan

VP, Analytics & Technology

Elizabeth Lynch

VP, Leadership Development

Stephen Lehner

VP, Solutions Consulting

Kelsey Fyfe

VP, Client Services

Doug Fogwell

VP, Client Services

Matt Kraus

VP, Paid Media

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