Change is all around us. The marketing world, in particular, is in an age of frequent fluctuation. New technologies. New media. New networks and connected devices. New modes of buying. New sales processes.

Marketers, are you ready for change? A 2015 report from The Economist Intelligence Unit found 80% of global CMOs and senior marketing executives say they need to restructure marketing to better support the business. And 29% of them believe the need for change is urgent. They also envision the marketing department taking on increased responsibility for customer experience in 3-5 years.

Other changes predicted by marketing leaders are:

The perception of marketing shifting from cost center to revenue-producer. In 3-5 years, about 4 in 5 companies will view marketing the way renowned management consultant Peter Drucker does: As a creator of revenue.

Engagement emerging as the highest marketing purpose … in the form of customer renewals, retention and repeat purchases.

The best marketers having BOTH operational/data skills and a broader strategic perspective.

Heavy investments in technology and data to comprehend / analyze the vast digital world.

(See “The Rise of the Marketer” for many more stats and a full analysis of the changing
landscape as detailed in surveys and interviews of 478 high-level marketing executives.)


As marketing assumes more control of the wheel, entire organizations need to go along for the ride … and evolve alongside it. Just as marketing departments today look radically different than they did 10 years ago, the marketing departments of the future will most likely look different than today.

Fathom helps calibrate your increasingly integrated marketing and sales departments for the future.

Speaking of the future, one constant in this changing world is technology. More systems. More data. More tracking. More choices. Sales and marketing often needs help making sense of this technology: Which tools to use, and how to best use them for their particular goals. They also need help figuring out which audiences are ideal, and the proper ways to engage customers at any given phase of the purchase process.

Making Friends with Technology

The current state of marketing technology can be a beast, but you don’t need to fear it. When you know how to use technology to serve greater business goals, it can even be your friend! Fathom can help you relate it to the mission of your marketers, your salespeople, your chief execs, your accountants, and your brand.

We can be a kind of revenue brain … or growth brain, for those who think of development in terms beyond revenue. Depending on your organization’s goals—student enrollments, patient satisfaction, product purchases, service contracts—Fathom can help you implement and maximize the output of your technology. Think of us as the central nervous system of your marketing operations. In other words, a kind of sales-marketing tech command center.

The Fathom Marketing Brain Can Take Many Forms…

Nuts-and-bolts branding and communication strategies
Getting full lead-to-revenue management from your marketing automation
Closing more business by prioritizing prospects and boosting the pipeline with sales acceleration and training
Customer life cycle analytics and data visualization
Conversion rate optimization to encourage more desired actions from existing users