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Our Mission

Fathom is a full-service digital marketing and analytics firm that delivers profitable revenue for its clients across multiple digital touch points. We believe that all investments in marketing and advertising should be held highly accountable. Our results-oriented approach aligns well with mid-cap and large enterprises alike, and our proven track record of success across multiple industries—including manufacturingtechnology, consumer brandseducation, and healthcare —allows us to back up our promise to deliver “results that matter.”

Beyond that, though, we have a deeper mission. We recently came together under the revitalized purpose statement “Inspiring Transformation.” Purpose to us is about inspiring people to grow, deepen relationships with each other and serve something bigger than ourselves. Our purpose statement reminds us to keep these actions primary. Operating like this helps us maximize the full potential of the relationships we have with each other, our clients and our community. Read this article by our CEO, Scot Lowry, to learn more about how we seek to transform these relationships, or browse any of the sections below for more information about joining the Fathom team: