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Fathom creates profitable growth through content strategy, digital marketing and sales/analytics consulting that serve a greater purpose. The greater purpose is serving the mission of its customers, as well as inspiring transformation in its own people, local communities, and larger world. Fathom recognizes and appreciates the role all of its stakeholders—customers, employees, shareholders, community—play in its success. As for community, Fathomers collectively contributed the equivalent of more than $300,000 in charitable contributions in 2014.

[Video: CEO & President Scot Lowry talks to Weatherhead School of Management about Fathom’s purpose-driven culture.]

2014 also saw Fathom realign itself internally around distinct industry segments to consolidate its intimate knowledge and experience within each: Manufacturing, technology, consumer brands, healthcare, and education.

Recognizing the growing need for sales acceleration and sales-marketing alignment among its customers, Fathom recently introduced consulting and process design, which help companies streamline sales processes and determine marketing’s contribution to new revenue.

In today’s buyer-first world, the organization has embraced the call for companies to act as media publishers that build audiences with resourceful content. Having started a decade ago with an explicit focus on one extension of marketing (search-engine optimization), Fathom now more broadly works at optimizing the emotional connection its customers have with their own customers. Regardless of the flavor of the month, it helps them thrive in an unpredictable marketing climate.

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