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Fathom at ClickZ Live: PR & Social Media Presentation

From ClickZ Live 2014!

Social media has now become a necessary tool for public relations professionals to use, understand and prosper in. For new professionals, this may seem like an easy role to fill. But be careful, many of the same traditional public relations rules still apply.

So don’t worry traditional PR pros; digital public relations professionals need many of the same skills, including great networking, relationship building, and writing.

Success in digital PR heavily relies on mastery of networking through online communities and social media. How do you build a solid ground to start building connections?

In fact, who should you start connecting with on social?

Start using tools like Followerwonk & Klout to determine valuable thought leaders, news sources and journalists.

Check out the entire presentation here. It will help you get you started with your social media relationship building plan.